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>> greta: both father and daughter handle that had well. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. go to is this i am doing you a favor. >> you're not, kids, you're not. hello. i am greg gutfeld with kimberly, bob beckle and easy bake oven for meth. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." exploring the brotherly bond. that was the title of another cnn segment on the bombers. it had more cheesy photos of the dead one. seriously, what is with cnn's obsession with beef cake bombers? does ted turner have a fetish for men in trunks? exploring the brotherly bonds of terrorists is like looking at the health benefits of cyanide or nerve gas. do you think they explored the
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mother-son bond? the media predetermines that the guns are evil. when terror strikes the media humanizes the heathens giving the defense lawyers a head start. a top defense lawyer is already there showing it is way cooler to defend evil than to prosecute it. cnn hawked a film called the reluctant fundamental list about a man who changinged after 9/11. not from the attack, but from being profiled. the implication is that profiling for potential terror is no better than terror itself. fyi, there is no such thing as a a -- reluctant fundamental list. it is as rare as a moon landing. its message, profiling encourages terror and that is deadly. it seeks to blunt your desire to deduce danger. rather than prevent attacks from the muslim supremacists, just place america's suffering in the context of global ills. when you grieve over boston
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they say now you know how somalia feels. now you get why so many hacks refuse to call the bomber an enemy combatant. if you just got to know him a little better, you would know he would be a blast. dana, welcome back to the program. we missed you, i guess. i am supposed to say that. why is it? what is with the constant cycle analysis of bad people? does it help? >> well, it doesn't help us prevent -- for some people like psychologists or if you are an fbi profiler or in the cia and trying to figure out what kind of person would do this to innocent people, psychoanalysis could help. we have spent so much time worrying about the why that we are not focused on the more important questions which are the who else, the when and the how to prevent it from happening again. throughout this coverage it somehow insinuated it is our
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fault. what could we have done differently to pre -- prevent them from being radicalized than to call it what it is. >> that's what i do with you. i get the feeling that the media when they are doing this stuff is somehow subconsciously mapping out the defense. this is how the defense is going to portray? >> they are mapping out the alex jones conspiracy theory really early. 60 minutes last week within a few minutes of the bombing had friends of dzhokhar saying oh he is a great gr guy. never went -- oh he is a great guy. never went to mosque. a girl said i had a crush on him. they started that ball running. late to the game by a week, but what is the sympathy for the bad guys? dana is right. before we venture into that let's find out who he knows and there are so many
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questions and the con constant playing of the mom's rant. oh, america, how can you do that to me? america didn't do anything to you. >> more uncle, less mama. >> do you know what happened to the mom? let's do a before and after picture before she was radicalized. she looks like she used to be fun like the back up of joan jett's band. this is what happens when you become radicalized. you would have dated either one. i want to talk about congressman ellison. he was on meet the press and they were talking about profiling and things like that. i believe he made a comparison to the japanese internment camps. >> it is an act of terrorism. it doesn't come out of the muslim community. we don't have enough resources to go after one community. and remember, we went after a community in world war ii. the japanese internment is a
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national stain on our country. and we are still apologizing for it. >> bob, does that comparison hold or help? >> i don't think it holds or helps. it is an entirely different situation and an entirely different war. the japanese war was defined for us. we understood who attacked us and it was very clear when you are the reasons for it. my problem with that is if it wasn't for the fact that every terrorist act that has been committed against the united states either here or abroad going back to the ss cole was done by muslims. it is not profiling when you have a group of people constantly being the source of these attacks, where will you look first? that's not profiling. that's using the evidence you have before you and saying this is where we need to go first. we are not going to the lithuanians. >> although, who knows? i want to play attorney general eric holder. he was at an anti-defamation
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league centennial summit, and this is what he had to say about the attacks. >> our investigation into this matter remains on going. i want to assure you and all americans that my colleagues and i are determined to hold accountable to the fullest extent of the law all of those responsible for the attack. [applause]. but i also want to make clear that just as we would pursue anyone that would target our people or attempt to terrorize our cities, the justice department is confirmed to misguided acts of retaliation. jay dana says he cuts a nice figure. the relativism there, he says we are going to go after these guys, but the next thing is i will block against any kind of backlash. how much backlash is there really? >> i think he is completely misguided. i thought the first day he was in office and his acts and decisions and ideology has
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taken over the justice department. i don't think he cuts that fine a figure. i saw him this weekend. the only nice thing i can say is he agreed to pose for a picture with air -- by eric boling. >> i haven't been beat up over anything else i have done. i said attorney general can i take a quick picture? he said are you sure? i said sure i want to post-it on facebook. he said you are going to lose a lot of followers, and guess what? i think i lost a lot of followers. >> but he did take the picture. >> i had no problem about his message going out and putting people in situations where they are arrested and investigated and they had nothing to do with it. but let's go back to the japan thing for a second. japan was an imperialist country. it is a much different situation. they are not fighting over the supremacy of religion as the islamists are. that is a much different situation. the japanese did not have for example mosques or whatever
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they had in the united states. >> i'm sorry to jump back. but say i am holder and we are committed to relentlessly pursue those who did it. don't read them their miranda rights within 48 hours. number two, and then he apologizes saying let's be careful for any backlash that may happen if we continue to interrogate these guys. most importantly, you want to relentlessly pursue who did this? how about you relentlessly pursue benghazi. i haven't heard a word of benghazi in three months. >> also we lost opportunities here in the piece we sent around that had so much response and things that went on in the bush administration successfully against the war on terror. this is a real loss. it is an opportunity to make advancements in our national security. but the way this individual was treated and a magistrate, not even a federally -- but a judge. this is so unusual that they
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brought the guy in to discuss the hospital room, a magistrate and not elected, but somebody who can get that position. i can get that position tomorrow and goes in and gives the miranda rights. this is not how it is going to be done. a real opportunity is there. find out who helped radicalize them. i don't believe it was the two of them. they have the mom talking to the son about jihad. >> speaking of the radicalization i want to read dana a quote to try to follow along. this some from an ex-girlfriend. do we have it here? this is the ex-girlfriend saying when she dated the dead guy. one minute he is a funny, normal guy who liked boxing and having fun. the next he is praying four times a day and watching islamic videos and talking and saying nonsense. that was from nay dean escencao. >> what gave you the idea he was going to kill innocent
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people? he was taken in and not charged with domestic violence. we needed a mug shot. remember mohamed from the 9/11 bombings there was a mug shot where he looked a mess and evil and bad. there is also the sweet one of him. i hate when the media shows that sweet picture of him. the mug shot picture helped to drive coverage. he should have had one given his history. on holder can 8 make a point? he wrote a column talking about remember the christmas bomber and they got a lot of criticism about having read him his miranda rights. a week later on sunday shows eric holder says we are going to go forward and try to do some reform for the miranda rights. the effort just sputered out. congress needs to follow through and take him up on his offer for the miranda reform because maybe we wouldn't be in the situation we were in now. >> i think holder if he is talking about pursuing things
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he will pursue why the fbi blew this. it seems to me if you are going to be in this battle you might as well be in it with the best forces you have and the best agencies you have. finally if they have a problem, why they did. why does it take the russians two times to tell us about this? that's one area i would pursue aggressively. >> in their defense, i can understand where you are besieged and the russians over exaggeration and overreact when it comes to the chechens so maybe you discount it. we don't have limitless numbers of people and can't be profiling everybody. >> how often do we get stuff from the russians? >> i think we do. >> i didn't know that. an important day in the murder trial of kermit gosnell. kimberly was in the courtroom, that's her, and will tell us what happened. you will not hear these details anywhere else ahead on
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"the five." ♪
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closing arguments in the gruesome capital murder trial of kermit gosnell charged with killing four babies born alive and one adult patient during a botched abortion at his philadelphia cline -- clinic referred to as some as the house of horrors. if convicted gosnell could face the death penalty. as you know i have been reporting on this trial and i was in the courtroom to hear the closing arguments presented. most importantly i heard the closing argument by jack
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mcmahon who is the defense attorney for mr. gosnell. what is surprising is he pulled out the race card saying the only reason big government was coming after this man was he was african-american and trying to help poor, urban women. i don't think that went over well from the jury from the reactions i saw. eric, the whole trial he has been saying this is a rush to judgment. he used that statement again today saying they were trying to pile on the evidence and got all of those people to plead guilty including one person charged in the case to murder. everybody is afraid of the government and this is a persecuted man, a champion of the people and of women. >> a couple of thoughts. you have extensive notes on the trial and it is great. the defense attorney pleading to the jury, you are doing your civic duty and doing a great job. he hasn't been under to without reasonable -- there is reasonable doubt so we can't find him guilty.
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i found him interesting that he said he gave them a solution to the problem meaning the aborted babies and the mothers. can we do race card now? >> that's what he was saying. >> it is amazing to me that anytime if you don't agree with something that is going on whether it is a president that spent more money than all of the presidents prior or an attorney general that handed over guns to the mexican gun lords, and you disagree with it and maybe you feel that the american sovereignty is being threatened. and the person behind those decisions is black they say racism. it is not. you candice agree and call him a murderer. by the way, tab there are other clinics like he says, where are they? let us know. >> i do agree it is rooted in racism. his victims are all minorities, but for some reason the reporters in the media say it is the only race issue they won't throw out. they are too scared to touch. it put it upon the evil racist
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conservatives at "the five" to try to champion and end this mess. it is a complete flip-flop. it is huh poke craw see. >> he seems to feel he is the one being persecuted. over and over the message was he is providing a service and he is like the robin hood of abortion and he is helping women with the problem. he also kept making note of the fact that there is no respect doubt and you can't say that these babies were born alive. and then dr. gosnell i ask you why did you have to ?ip their spinal cords when they were alive if they were not born -- when they were born if they were not alive? it is disturbing to be in there. >> so hard to sit through it i'm sure and listen to it. one of the things we talked about on the show is whether or not there should be more cameras in the courtroom or if cameras in the courtroom actually hurt a case. in this situation where the descriptions were so graphic
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and the testimony is so hard to listen to, do you think it would have been a good idea for cameras to be in the courtroom in this case? maybe there would have been more coverage of the story? >> although this would have been very difficult for some people to watch, you would have the ability to choose and to see it. it is that important. i think you have to be courageous and fearless when it comes to babies being slaughtered like that. that was happening at this particular clinic. if it saves another baby's life because another clinic is shutdown, i iis important. this is not just about abortion or a woman's right to be able to choose. it is about homicide and fanticide. the abortions that are alleged to have occurred by there -- by mr. gosnell were 24 weeks post. that is the problem. >> the remarkable thing about the defense these babies were not alive. if that was the case why not bring expert witnesses to say they were not alive? they presented no defense whatsoever. what the jury is going on is this lawyer, however good he is, argument that these babies
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were no the alive. there was no evidence to conclude they were not. i think he is grasping at straws. i get back to the po nie t, offering not a single defense witness is a roll of the dice. i don't see how it works. >> what is the potential punishment? >> death penalty and then on some of the counts he is looking at life. but this is a death qualified jury. they were not allowed to sit on this jury unless they had no problem with evaluating the evidence and imposing the death penalty. eric, can i get your response? this is one of the reporters there from day one and what he had to say on huck uh be about the impact of this trial. >> you can't sit there week after week and day after day and listen to that testimony and not be changed. >> there is one journalist sitting in that courtroom who writes for a local publication who has told me that he is very liberal and very pro
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choice, but after sitting through the testimony at the gosnell trial, he has reconsidered and he changed his mind. >> and he is from the cure yes, sir and he is very i'm -- informable. >> i am fairly certain that you speak for literally probably millions of people after hearing what goes on they may have changed their mind. >> i think you are right. >> what happened to the bureaucrats' love for regulation? everything is a choking hazard. but not in an abortion clinic. nobody comes to check things. a betting parlor in hell's kitchen is cleaner than this place. >> you are right about that. no one would expect it because they were terrified of what they would find. >> this just in from the courtroom. the prosecution continues its closing argument as we speak. it will go over until tomorrow. we are there doing an exhaustive review of the evidence in this case. chris christie six months
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after embracing president obama during superstorm sandy. is he still defending his behavior before the 2012 election that some think helped the president win the white house. you will hear from the governor when we come back.
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today marks six months since hurricane sandy devastated the east coast. 159 lost their lives in new jersey alone. 74,000 residences were destroyed. sandy caused deposits 60 billion -- caused $60 billion in damage and the damage wasn't limited to property. chris christie embraced
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president obama days before the election and some say with that bear hug christy and sandy leveled the shot at the white house. governor christie was talking about president obama's response to the most devastating hurricane since tau treen gnaw. since katrina. >> the president has kept every proposition he made. that's what i was saying at the time. what i was saying was i was asked how is the president doing. i said he is doing a good job. he kept his word. since that time i have to say everything they ms proked they would do -- they promised they would do they have done. >> that continued overt support for the president has many conservatives scratching our heads saying i like the governor, but why does he continue to drool over the president for just doing his job? kimberly, governor christie, christie has an election coming up this year, next year, i believe. is this about that or is there a bigger picture? >> didn't you hear the jokes at the white house oh the big
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joke that christie was at a republican table and everyone started laughing? and you seem to always be such a big fan. now the tables have turned. >> i will get to that. >> you are confusing the heck out of me. >> i like the guy and i like the governor and i like how he gets things done. i can't understand this bear hug with president obama. obama was just doing his job. he had to write that check. he should be thanking the taxpayer and not president obama. >> what do you expect them to do six months later to not say he was doing a good job. christie was under a lot of pressure. he had millions of people who were out of power and people were dying. obama and fema can give them credit for that. it is not only a smart thing to do, but when you ask you can get it. >> should chris christie
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expect president obama's endorsement for the upcoming election in new jersey? >> i don't think he should expect it nor does he need it. he was one of the most popular politicians in america. i don't think it is drooling. he said he has made every promise he made. he didn't say he has gone over and beyond. i thought christie at the bush library asked how things are coming along in some of the beach towns in particular and he said it is slow sometimes with the beurocracy especially for fema. even if the head of fema says let's get this done. the beurocracy can't get out of its own way sometimes. the thing about mitt romney, if people think chris sh -- chris christie was the cause of mitt romney not winning the election, the republicans could not win future elections. mitt romney's campaign leveled his chance for winning the election. >> i agree completely. it is weird to blame it on christie's response after a hurricane. i saw that last debate where mitt romney handed the
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election over to president obama when he could have actually buried him under benghazi, but he backed off. christie is a republican governor who washed up on the shores of a blue state like a red manatee. he must play the game because he needs to get re-elected, get him a national office and this goes away. it is idiotic and stupid. >> good point. he wins the election next year. then what? does he hold back to the right -- >> i don't think he moves right or left. >> bob, you tell me. he is a republican governor? >> i don't think he has to worry about getting re-elected. here is another thing to keep in mind, do you know for the first time in the history of the united states blacks voted at a higher percentage than the whites did? and christie has a lot of blacks in the state of new jersey. now you can say that is an argument for it, but they voted for him in pretty good numbers relative to what they voted nationwide.
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i think it is not a question, but most republicans in that state would agree with what he said. it is a moderate republican state. >> i think he is out for himself. he wants to be president of the united states and he is playing it the way he played. it. >> he had a state that was in trouble. that is insulting. >> greg, try not to cry in the corner like a little girl. that's not what i was saying. i am saying he is a politician and that he has to think about his future and what he would like to do. >> i disagree. he wasn't thinking about that. >> i wasn't saying he wasn't thinking of the people of new jersey. >> stop, listen to this. $60 billion was appropriated already. why the additional pat on the back today? >> i don't know. maybe he is being honest. >> he still has towns that are devastated and still getting help from fema. he is reflecting what happened to him. how many governors have to go
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through something like that? what did you want him to do? >> all i am saying is he is a republican so act like a republican. >> you were -- i think it was two months ago you loved him. >> i do love him. i just said that. did you not hear that? conservatives like me scratching our heads saying we love this guy. but the obama bear hug, i don't get that. >> the political discourse has to be able to get something done. you can have a political fight and chris christy would -- chris christie would win the fight. he has to be the executive of the state and obama is telling his people, do your job. that's all christie said this morning. i don't think it is political. >> you abouter be careful. you abouter be careful. >> that's only the left. >> that's right. >> the whole left. >> we will leave it there. is congress playing politics
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by trying to exempt itself from obamacare while you are stuck paying the bills? the latest on the health care controversy next.
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♪ so president obama's health care legislation is so awful that even members of his own party were trying to get out of it. the reports are swirling about lawmakers having hush, hush talks about whether they think it is okay for members of congress and most of their aids to be exempt from portions of obamacare. americans obviously don't have that luxury. and when this was first revealed in a political article on friday, america
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said not so fast, sunshine. and now they are backpedaling. >> i would have to stay up with the best political minds to think of more disasters than this. i cannot get it. i don't understand it. one other time it happened was when they shut government down and congress exempted themselves and they took a lot of heat for that. what did they think they were going to do? sneak it into the midnight bill? >> i think everyone who always say if congress is going to pass a law, everyone else will have to deal with it. obamacare is so bad for business. now they are struggling and you find out behind the scenes that the democrats were saying our staff members, some of them are young. it might deter recruitment. what do you think the businesses are going through across america? >> they #r concerned about -- they are always concerned about their own inner circle. it is hardly serving the people.
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that's why this legislation was flawed from the beginning. it was teetering on one leg and somebody kicked that out from under them. >> it is not the first time they tried this. >> it goes on and on. the last time was when they took pay raises when they told the rest of the country to tighten their belt. or they slid under the radar because of the boston bombings. a week and a half ago they voted on the stock act. if you didn't know, prior to this bill, this act if you remember congress was exempt, that word exempt, from doing anything wrong in trading stocks. you can inside trade a stock and never get in trouble. you were playing by different rules. we heard about it, we talked about it. there was a bill that said to stop that action. they voted that down so they can continue to cheat the system in the insider trade. >> whereas there was a rose garden ceremony for everything else and nobody heard about that until you brought it up. greg, what do you think?
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>> when it comes to obamacare never trust a chef who won't eat in his own restaurant. we knew that. we knew that all the time. if a politician had to live by their own decisions they would never become politicians. that's the whole point. you can live above everybody else. the metaphor i like the most is when it comes to school vouchers. the fact that there are so many politicians that vote against the school vouchers that allow the poor to have choices in where to send their kids they deny them that while sending their brats to the best private schools in the world. this is how they live. i also like how obama claimed he was going to get -- he was going to take part in obamacare. as if we didn't know he already had a private doctor and his own medical staff. >> before we decided to bury obamacare let's keep in mind the fears that were raised about the number of businesses that were about to get out from obamacare. the percentage is very small.
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>> did you have any numbers for that comment? >> i have some numbers. >> i like what senator mcconnell suggested to president obama last week which is this is your signature legislation. all of america is confused. the economy is stymied because of it. could you come to the podium and explain to everybody what is going on? he was like the guy -- he was at one of the rap concerts where you sign the bill and you do the rap? i am not going to do one here. and then you drop the mic. then he walked away. everybody else is left dealing with the aftermath of obamacare. >> would you have really put yourself into the hip hop world? >> it is working well. >> yes, it is working well. >> president obama didn't sell this well. >> don't you think it is hurting them now and that he should explain it? >> it allegedly came from reid's office and the democrat leaders, are you kidding me?
11:43 pm
>> i think obama should explain. it. >> do hite house should issue a statement saying they won't accept any exemptions from capitol hill aids or federal workers from obamacare? >> wouldn't that be amazing? we would give them credit for. it bob, and say that was the right thing to do? show some leadership. practice what you preach. >> they exempted a lot of unions and a lot of state governors asked for exemption. >> they are wrong too. the point is, practice what you preach. if it is no good for the aids it is no good for the country. >> they are not getting exemptions, but the unions and the various groups that are democrats who voted obama in -- >> what i said was there was not a lot of evidence yet, but there are a flood of these businesses getting out of the business bi-looring the number -- by lowering the number of people they employ. i think he does need to explain it and the sooner the better. >> it also reveals a hiewnl lie about obamacare.
11:44 pm
weren't you supposed to be able to keep your coverage? >> if you want to keep it. >> on the hill the other thing they said was if they lose their subsidee, somebody that is a staffer making $25,000 a year starting out would have about $7,000 more of costs. what kind of health care plan did they have in the first place? why can't we all have it too? >> the purpose of that in the beginning was to get insurance to the 40 million people who didn't have it. >> well, how is that working out for you? >> what is good for the good is is good for the began deer -- gander. president obama is taking a stab at stand up comedy, like us, cracking jokes about his so-called charm offenses and marco rubio at the white house correspondent dinner. >> one senator who has reached across the aisle marco rubio. he has not finished a single term in the senate and he thinks he is ready to be president.
11:45 pm
>> sounds like somebody else we know. some of the fiveers got to go to the dinner. that's up next. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> there is music from the king. the spotlight was on president obama as he took the mic at the white house correspondent association dinner. he cracked a few jokes himself. the press and the gop, take a look. >> as i look in the mirror and i have to admit that i am not the strapping young muslim socialist i used to be. i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012, but one thing they all agree on is they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities. and look, call me self-centered, but i can think of one minority they can start with. hello? >> well, there you go. two of the people at this table went to the correspondent dinner.
11:50 pm
what did you think? >> had a blast. it is interesting being with fox and then being there. president obama has amazing comedic timing. the guy can deliver a speech. he was better than conan o'brian. >> it is a case that the presidents are funnier. >> what was the high point of the night? >> there are a lot. the president was funny and had great writers this year and appreciated it. we had a lot of back and forthwith the cnn table. and by the way they called fox -- conan o'brian called fox the jocks and everybody got ripped one except for us. >> i don't think jocks was compliment, just so you know. >> just so you know, i think it was a compliment. >> it kind of was, though. >> did you get any -- >> boling says that is a compliment. >> we got right up to the front. i waived to michelle obama.
11:51 pm
i asked about my tie. she gave me a thumbs up. >> clinton looked terrible. >> why did you not go? >> because i was in texas. >> you were in texas? is that funny? >> no, it was something that was really funny. >> greg, go ahead ssments -- greg, go ahead, you could have been there. >> sarah palin called you clowns. imagine a room full of people looking over your shoulder trying to see somebody more famous than you are. everybody in that room doesn't want to be with anybody else because they are never looking at you in the eye. >> they are afraid not to be there. >> they are afraid not to be there. i have been to two of them. >> you don't remember the last year. >> i don't. that's my point. >> remember last year you e-mailed me at 2:00 in the afternoon and you were like is it too early to start
11:52 pm
drinking? >> for real i thought it was ed henry did a video with kevin spacey. you told them about "house of cards." it was so funny and so clever. he was the president of the white house press correspondent association. >> i was taking my daughter to the university of virginia for a school visit. i have been to 20 of them. 15 i was drunk and they were fine. then i sobered up and looked at what was going on. it is too crowded and everybody is dropping names. every table is supposed to have a famous person there. eve game brings somebody from the wwf. >> we had kimberly as the famous person at our table. after the thing everybody scatters, the whole room scatters. >> do you steal their wallets ? >> no, but i ate president obama's dessert. >> one more thing is up next.
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>> greg: one more thing, bob? >> bob: in honor of greg focusing about the people who did the bombing in boston. focus on one of the people who about injured and what she and her boyfriend had who-to-say about one of great people in america president obama had gone in to visit them. >> i expected him to have a presence, and even with that expectation, he blue it -- blew it away. his speech was very inspiring. he spoke to a group of victims and their family and friend. >> compassionate. sincere. it was -- i felt like that meant a lot not only to me but the other stlams were in the room. as much as i'm 100 behind him is he 100% behind us. >> i bet that burned you all watching that. >> no why can't. >> no i'm talking about the people out in the audience. i will hearing about that.
11:58 pm
>> greg: about what? never mind. eric, thank you. >> eric: the white house correspondents attending events like that make it blatant obvious that the media is liberal. fox stands out in oasis of liberal distance. held at arm's length by the media and the white house. we are not loved but that's a good thing that means we are doing our job keeping the media and administration accountable. keeping them honest. if they weren't they would love us because as conan jocks.x is like the i attended the white house correspondence dinner with pride. proud to get the cold shoulder by some, actually many because that cold shoulder is a thundering affirmation that i'm playing for the right team. >> bob: wow? >> kimberly: i thought we were treat sod well. everybody was so happy to see us. >> greg: enough, dana. >> dana: how i'm afraid to go to baseball games. multitask get hit by foul balls or maybe home run. kelly nash who works for
11:59 pm
sun sports from massachusetts. she was taking this picture then she went to text it and she realized how close that ball came to hitting her. i took this -- eric asked me if it was photo shopped. i don't think so. i think it's real. >> i don't think it's photo shopped. that's why i don't go to football games -- baseball games -- games. >> greg: you just duck when a ball comes at you. >> greg: okay fair phrase. >> coexist. this is a gray ponytail word which means appease your enemies to enemies. coexist requires a colt 45 kimberly. >> kimberly: happy birthday to senior producer bd today. we spent the weekend with him with him at the white house correspondence dinner. he was a lot of fun. >> do you have the other picture too from the white house? >> he was great in deliverance. [ laughter ] >> that's us in the backseat after changing dresses 20 times. >> awesome. >> greg: all right. i want more pictures.
12:00 am
okay. >> kimberly: they're on the web. >> greg: thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is next. >> welcome to "red eye." it is like i am same. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the ex-girlfriend of tamerlan tsarnaev speaks out. the exclusive story ahead. just kidding. she gave an interview somewhere else. and the white house correspondent dinner is great and awesome. and finally, what legendary museum -- musician will be touring, greg? >> after the show will you be making a time share presentation in coral gables? >> we don't call

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